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About Me WordPress Theme. With this theme you can create personal, biodata, portfolio websites.


Theme Features:

1, we do not need to use any plugin in this theme. The site will be created without installing plugins. (But you can use the plugin if you want)

2, you can up and down each section of the theme. Can show and hide if needed.

3, you can create a complete site without any coding knowledge. We have Bangla video tutorials for creating the site.

4, you can easily change the different colors of the theme.


Why buy our theme?

1, we do not customize any free theme or buy a theme and do not sell it. Our themes are made by us from A to Z. The admin panel of our theme is different from everyone else. Which can be used very easily.

2, we do not need to use plugins in the theme. So the site stays much faster.

3, we have setup videos for each theme that you can create a site by watching.

4, you can pay us in different payment methods. We offer mobile banking: bKash, Rocket, M Cash, Cash and My Cash respectively. Online Banking respectively: - Visa Card, MasterCard, Credit Card, American Express, BRAC Bank, DBBL Nexus, Citibank, Asia Bank, Islami Bank, AB Bank. You can also pay by check at BRAC Bank and Islami Bank.

5. If there is any problem in the theme setup, you can inform us about the problem through ticket, e-mail, chat and Facebook message. We will try to give immediate solution. You can also use our mobile for very urgent solutions.

6, in addition to the theme you can take the full service from us if you want. Such as domain registration and web hosting. You will get all the services from one place.


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About Mr.